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Hey there! I'm Lex.


Craft a life
you love

Artist, Anime Nerd, and Video Game Enthusiast.

As a coach, I help career changers & explorers land their next role by cutting through the confusion of the job search.

When I'm not working, you can find me:

🎬 At the movies 

🎮 Playing video games 

🥾 Hiking with my family

🎨 Crafting new pieces for my store

Client Testimonials

"Lex is IMPACTFUL...I went to Lex with the hopes of making positive changes to my resume and my personal brand overall and Lex went above and beyond what I could have asked for. Not only did they have a PowerPoint that was beautifully detailed and structured, but also they had printed out tips on a handout. They really think of everything and adds their own personal flair to it. Lex has such a natural talent for helping students prepare for their future careers and how to make them look their best before the interview."

Janelle F.

"Lex and I met to discuss my current job hunt as I wrap up getting my licensure. They were exceptionally helpful and knowledgable about the process of interviewing for jobs. Lex especially helped me plan how to best discuss and present my experience to potential new employers. They also had fantastic insights on how I can look out for red flags while getting interviewed so I can get a better sense of the company I'm considering working at. I highly recommend working with Lex as they are very helpful, insightful, and just a lovely person."

Michaela W.


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